Membership & Fees

Below are the membership and term fees for each class in 2020. The membership fee ensures your child is a registered member with our governing gymnastics body (Gymnastics Australia) and covered by injury insurance for the duration of 2020. The term fees listed are our full 10 week term fees. The term fee is adjusted for missed classes due to public holidays, and for new members who start part way through a term. 

Membership Fee:

Term 1 or  2 commencement: $65.00

Term 3 commencement: $45.00

Term 4 commencement: $25.00

Class Term Fees:

Mini Movers  $114.75

KinderGym  $114.75

*Club Levels Program Levels 1-5  $153.00

*Club Levels Program Levels 6-10 (2 hours per week)  $292.27

*Club Levels Program Levels 6-10 (4 hours per week)  $525.69

*Junior AcroGym  $153.00

*Senior AcroGym  $153.00

*Foundation ALP $525.69

For term fee information regarding our competitive ALP classes, please contact us.

*Classes have a $6.50 equipment levy fee and $5.50 chalk levy fee on top of the term fee

Full term fee and timetable schedule

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